Every Coach Should Be This Lucky!

First of all let me explain why I haven't written in so long. I've become involved in helping put together an online coaching academy that is going to be a HUGE help to coaches at all levels and that has taken hours and hours and hours of work. Fortunately we're down to crunch time and almost ready to launch!

But something happened last night at practice that I just have to write about - my 11year old daughter Taylor ran the Fast Break drill and two other drills in practice for the very first time. She was extremely nervous at first but our players were very encouraging and helped make sure she always got to the right spots. She was so excited to play with the "big girls" that she hasn't come off Cloud 9 yet!

On the down side I'm not sure I've ever felt older than I did when Taylor was running and filling the lanes on the fast break! It seems like only yesterday when she was watching Disney videos in the corner of the gym while practice was going on and then I would race her around the court while she sat on the ball cart. When she was 2 or 3 she would line up with the players and try to run with them after practice. (See picture on the left) Whenever Taylor would ask if she could actually practice, Linda and I would always put her off by saying, "As soon as you're as tall as the players." Well, guess what? She's now taller than two of our players and so we let her try it!

Who knows what the future will bring but for 20 minutes last night I got to walk up and down the sidelines and coach my daughter and my team at the very same time. To all the players on the court,(including Taylor) it was just a few transition drills but to this coach and father it was much, much more than that!