All American Jessica Fisiikava

Received a surprise phone call from former UCC great Jessica Fisiikava tonight. After graduating from UCC in 2005 as one of the school's all time leading scorers, Jess turned down some bigger schools and accepted a basketball scholarship to Cal Baptist University in Riverside, California so she could be closer to her father. Even though it's been close to a year and a half since I've spoken to Jess, I think about her almost every day when I see her Kodak All American plaque hanging near my desk.

Jess called me tonight to tell me that she was recently recognized by her employer, Kaiser Permanente, for her work ethic and for being the only person in her entire department to have perfect attendance for the past year. Then Jess told me that as she was receiving her award she realized that it was the habits that she developed while playing at UCC that have helped her be successful all these years. She thanked me for adamantly insisting that she and her teammates go to class every day, that they go on time, and that they give their very best effort - no excuses.

Especially during this playoff time of year, when everyone's focus is on winning, winning, winning, it's great to hear that regardless of the score, lessons are being learned and lives are being changed!

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