Not Only In The Movies!

Something happened today that left me speechless, and those of you who know me can attest to the fact that doesn't happen very often! I was in the office this morning when I received a phone call from a former part time UCC student who made an offer to anonymously help one of our players, Mykiea Russell, continue her education. I had never spoken to this person before but just a couple minutes into our conversation I realized I was talking to someone very special.

Evidently this particular student was once in a class with Mykiea and by the end of the term was extremely impressed with Mykie's positive attitude, work ethic, desire to learn, and overall personality. (No surprise here since Mykie is one of the nicest, most genuine people you will ever meet!)

Now if you think this offer was basketball related, you're completely wrong. This generous student has not been to a single basketball game over the last two years and even asked me if Mykiea was any good as a player! No, this offer was made to help Mykiea the person, not Mykiea the player. It was simply offered from one classmate to another.

Imagine a Caucasian outdoorsperson who has always lived in rural areas giving a large sum of money to help a young African-American from inner city Los Angeles without any desire for thanks or recognition! Up to this point, their life experiences couldn't possibly be more opposite, yet from this point on they will always be connected. This random act of kindness will help Mykie get her degree (she wants to be a music teacher) and then Mykie will help dozens of others who then in turn will hopefully branch out and help hundreds of others.

Usually stories like this are mostly found in movie theaters, but this one is real and unscripted and playing out before our eyes. I feel very lucky to have a front row seat and even without seeing the ending I'm giving it two thumbs up!

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Dan said...

That is awesome Dave. Mykie is such a neat person (and a great player). Great to read that. Hope things are going well!