Good Wins And A Great Friend

Good Wins: Winning at both Mount Hood and Portland last weekend put us in a tie for first place in our region and officially guarantees us a spot in the upcoming NWAACC (Pacific Northwest) Championship Tournament. It's our 14th trip to the tournament in 15 years - add the eight straight State Tournaments we played in while coaching at GWC and that equals 22 post season tournaments in 23 years!

Great Friend: Jeff Jones and I have known each other for over 30 years and he has always been a great friend. We played some basketball together and during that time he lead the league in assists - if you were open he fed you the ball over and over and over again. Well last weekend Jeff fed us in a completely different way. On Friday I got a text from Jeff , who is now living in Washington with his wife and family, saying that the Outback Steakhouse in Gresham, OR was expecting our team to come in after our game and that the entire meal was on him! Even though all the players were dressed in our travel sweats we were treated like royalty from the second we walked into the restaurant. To get a good mental picture of our meal you have to imagine kids on Christmas morning combined with termites in a lumber yard! Many of our players had never been to an Outback before and now four days later they are still talking about what (and how much!) they ate!

Earlier in the year something similar happened when we were playing in Northern California. Our team went to eat at the historic Samoa Cookhouse near Eureka and when I went to pay the bill I discovered that it had already been taken care of by Randy Williamson, who's daughter Allissa plays on our team. Years from now no one is going to remember the actual scores of the games that we played those two weekends but everyone is going to remember the fun we had thanks to the generosity of others!

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Hoopalonious, aka Sue said...

That's such an awesome story. Acts of kindness make all the difference in the world. You all deserved that.