Alumni Game

Had our annual Alumni game yesterday afternoon and as usual it was great to see everybody. It was definitely a sacrifice for some of them to get here - Lindsey Heard came from Portland, Amanda Johnston from Klamath Falls, Kyra (Cleveland) Kaiser from Hillsboro. Denay Martin raced back from Eugene after coaching her 6th grade boys team to victory and Abby Line brought her five kids with her. Kristi Fallin, currently playing at Oregon, drove down to be with everybody even though she couldn't play. After the game our current team, our alumni, Athletic Director Cheryl Yoder, Athletic Secretary Donna McGeehon and her husband Gene all went out to dinner and had a great time. One of the highlights was listening to current player Michiah Baker and Michiah Kaiser (Kyra's husband) excitedly talk about how they had never met anyone else with "their" name before!!

The alumni were not all in college basketball shape but they can still play and I found myself sitting on the bench rooting for both teams. Lindsey Heard even got a black eye and a cut under her eye going after a rebound! Almost everything the alumni did triggered some type of great memory from the past and reminded me of just how much fun it was to coach them!

Even though they couldn't make it down to the alumni game former UCC greats Heidi Buehler, Sarah (Coleman) Blackmon, and Elysia Sechler all came by to see us at some point when were in Portland last weekend. Heidi is UCC's all time leading scorer and could probably still step out onto the court and get 30 if she wanted to. Sarah and Elysia starred on our 1997 NWAACC Championship team and it meant a lot to me that they still feel connected to our program after all these years.

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