Scrimmages & Halloween

October always seems like it's twice as long as any other month of the year and this year was no exception. We all get tired of conditioning and practicing with and against the same players day after day after day and it seems like game time will never get here. The challenge for all of us is to bring game-like focus, concentration, and intensity to practice every day, even though we know our first game is still weeks away.

This past week we had scrimmages at Southern Oregon University and OIT. At times we played very well and other times we struggled. With seven newcomers on our ten player roster it's still taking some time to get to know each other's strengths and weaknesses and to get our timing down, especially on offense. We're still not in sync half the time but I expect that will come with experience. Our biggest drawback right now is that we need to get in better shape. As soon as we get tired we're a step slow to the ball, we're not as physical, and we have trouble concentrating. I think once we're in better shape we have a chance to be very, very good.
Last Friday was Halloween and most of the team came over for dinner and then took nine year olds Taylor and Caelynn trick or treating. Mykiea Russell put on an ugly pirate mask, grabbed an empty pillow case and came back with at least a weeks worth of candy. Mistaking her for a kid, several people asked her if she had just moved into the neighborhood. . . If you think she's scary in these pictures, wait until you see her pick up full court!!

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