First Day of Classes & Conditioning

There's always something special about the first day of school and today was no different. I couldn't sleep last night, much like I couldn't sleep the night before I started kindergarten and then again when I was getting ready to start high school. The morning was hectic with players in and out of the office checking on class schedules, asking about tutors, and even counting down the days until summer vacation.

Soon 11am rolled around and everyone headed into the gym and all seemed right with the world. Many ran harder and longer than they really wanted too but the time went by quickly (at least for me!) and before anybody could say "Running really sucks!" we were all in the weight room.
Most impressive performance of the day went to Titi Takai. We could see that she was struggling with the running a little bit but we're all too used to seeing players struggle during the first day so nothing was said and Titi just kept plugging away. It wasn't until we got into the weight room and Titi took off her shoes and socks did we see the problem - the worse first day blisters we've seen in a long, long time. There was one on each foot and so every single step had to be more than painful. Titi never complained, never gave any indication how much pain she must have been in and most importantly, never quit running. Titi Takai is mentally tough!!
It was a great first day. . .and I can't wait for tomorrow!!

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