Kickin' Bass

With our last scrimmage today and our first games next weekend there's been a dozen last minute details to take care of before everything gets really crazy. Team rosters and picture need to be turned in to the NWAACC, travel arrangements finalized and then travel budget turned in, grade checks, team gear checked out including shoes (still waiting on a pair to arrive) travel bags, sweats, backpacks, etc. As you all know it takes a lot of money to run a first class program and so to raise a few extra bucks we put together a schedule/poster that is funded by several local businesses, a couple sets of parents and grandparents, and a very generous photographer. Anyway a week or so ago we took a team picture on Jesse Morrow's boat, which happens to be green and have "RiverHawk" on the side. Jesse is the Chairman of the Public Safety Dept. at UCC and is always quick to help out anyway he can. Photographer Keri Blue took some great pictures and is putting the poster together under the slogan "Kickin' Bass," in reference to the boat of course. I hope it turns out to be a self fulfilling prophecy!!
Early November is big in terms of birthdays for our team. Miranda Holenstein's was the 6th, mine was the 12th and Cassie Scheffelmaier's is the 15th. So last night the whole team got together after study hall for birthday cake and ice cream and watched a little game tape of our last scrimmage against OIT. I'm very lucky to be associated with so many hardworking, but really fun people. If we score nearly as often as we laugh we're going to be tough to beat!!

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If I send you a donation for the program, can you send me a team poster?