Yakima, WA

It's a little after midnight and we're in Yakima, Washington for our first tournament of the season. We arrived about 9pm, checked in to the hotel, went to eat, and then had a team meeting. After making sure everyone kept our midnight curfew I went down to the hotel restaurant and made arrangements for tomorrow's pre game meal. We play Bellevue at 2pm and I'm happy for the early start, especially since it's our first game and everyone is bound to be a little nervous. If we played at 8pm then we'd have to sit around all day and that can't be good for first games nerves.

Dan Jones of the Douglas County News Review wrote a season preview article on our team that appeared in today's paper. Dan came to practice on Tuesday and interviewed nearly everybody and left saying he had enough material to write several articles and so I am sure this is just the first of many. Here's the link:'s%20basketball%20team%20aiming%20for%20the%20ultimate%20prize

Jason Hink and Brent Newton of KPIC came to practice yesterday and did a couple of quick on camera interviews to air on TV. I've known both those guys for a long time and it was fun catching up and talking about some of our former teams and players. One of their new projects is to start broadcasting all of our home games and a few select away games over internet radio. Since our team currently has players from five different states, we are going to have a lot of happy friends and families who will now be able to follow the Riverhawks more closely than ever. I left their business card back in Roseburg but will post the link to the radio site as soon as I get back.

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Hoopalonious, aka Sue F said...

I was looking online for results of your game yesterday. Even called the Yakima Herald, but no dice. It was good to wake up and check it and see that you won yesterday. Congrats!

Hope you can post the results of today's game when you can.

Good luck!!

(I'm dyin for a box score)