Umpqua Alumni Makes WWE Debut

Former UCC alumni Sarona Snuka has signed a contract with the WWE and recently made her national television debut on the WWE's Monday Night RAW where she teamed with the Uso brothers to take on the Hart Dynasty. Sarona played at UCC from 1997-1999 and then later spent a season as one of our assistant coaches. She came back to Roseburg and spent a few days at practice with us this past season and knocked people around with the same intensity and competitiveness as she did ten years ago.
A interesting side not is that if you Google "Sarona Snuka images" one of the very first pictures to come up is one of Sarona and my eleven year old daughter Taylor that was taken during Sarona's last visit here. It's funny to see that same picture, which had to be copied off of this blog, displayed on various wrestling web sites.
See the girl laying on the mat? The picture was taken shortly after Sarona hit her! I'm pretty sure anyone who has ever gone through our 2 on 2 rebounding drill against Sarona knows that same feeling!!

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