Heidi Buehler

Since today is Heidi Buehler's 28th birthday I thought it would be a good time to remind readers of the legacy that she left on Umpqua basketball. It's been eight years since Heidi graduated from Umpqua but the records that she set still stand today. Heidi currently holds school records for most points in a single game (53), most points in a season (809), most points in a career (1,303), most free throws made in a season (204), most steals in a season (99), and most steals in a career (173). After her sophomore year Heidi was recognized as a Kodak All American and received a basketball scholarship to Northwest Nazarene University along with UCC teammate Julia Barker.

What doesn't show up in the record book is her personality and impact as a leader. She was strong and forceful and direct - traits that are way too uncommon in women's athletics. Many women athletes have such a strong desire to be liked by their teammates that they hold back a little so they don't upset anyone. Much like Sarah Coleman, Denay Martin and other forceful leaders, Heidi treated every practice, every game, every individual workout like the championship was on the line. . . .and wasn't shy about expecting everyone else to do the same!

When we played in Portland this last season, Heidi came to the game and then stopped by the hotel afterwards and spoke to the team. She told story after story about working hard, about the expectations of the program, and how her Umpqua experience changed her life. It was heartfelt and inspiring and made us all glad to be part of Umpqua basketball.
Happy Birthday Heidi!!!

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