The Secret

Years ago, long before club, summer, and AAU teams dotted the land, a young boy lived in Westminster, California. One day that boy went to his father and asked him how he could become a basketball player. Without saying a word the father got into the car and of course the boy followed. In silence they drove the three miles to Huntington Beach, where they parked and walked out towards the ocean. Upon reaching the water, the father, who was 6'7", walked out into the surf until the water was up to his waist, and of course the boy followed, but the water came up to his chest. Still, not a word was spoken.

Without warning the father grabbed the boy and pushed him down under the water and held him there until the boy thought he was going to drown. After drinking a huge amount of the Pacific Ocean, the boy was pulled up out of the water and immediately started sputtering, gasping, and gulping for air. 'What are you doing?" he finally screamed. "All I asked you was how to be a basketball player and you almost killed me!"

The father responded by asking, "When I was holding your head under water and you thought you were going to drown, what's the one thing you wanted more than anything else?" "Are you serious? Air! I wanted air!" screamed the boy.

Then the lesson. "When you want to be a basketball player as much as you wanted that one breath of air, you won't need me or anyone else to tell you how to do it."

As the years unfolded, the boy realized that relentless desire not only applied to playing basketball, but also to coaching, winning, getting an education, finding a job, etc.

Thanks Dad! Happy Father's Day!!

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