Crab Bucket

Crabbers on the Oregon coast know that if you put one crab in a bucket it will quickly climb out. But put two or more crabs in a bucket and they will stay they forever. Why? Because everytime one crab tries to climb out of the bucket, the other crabs will reach up and pull it back down. Unfortunately, this happens with people too. Many times, as soon as someone begins to separate themselves from the group (usually as a result of much more work and dedication), and sees a little more success or gets a little more attention, others quickly become jealous and offended. Instead of celebrating this success or trying to elevate themselves to reach new heights, these "crabs" choose to react by sulking, criticizing and blaming others. As a result, feelings are hurt and relationships are damaged and much more harm is done than good. But what a lot of "crabs" don't realize is that they all started off in the same bucket and all had the same opportunities to climb out. It's what they do with those opportunities that makes all the difference!

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