Overdue Update

I'm a little embarassed that I haven't written anything in close to three weeks. Between preparing our team for our big surge down the stretch, coaching our games, watching and recruiting future Riverhawks, finding our sophomores places to play next year, and watching as many of Brad's high school games as I can, I've hardly had time to think let alone write. When I'm in the car I'm on the phone. When I'm home I'm watching game tape. I have a portable DVD player and so sometimes I'm driving, watching game tape and on the phone all at the same time!! If only I could drive, watch, talk and TYPE all at the same time then this blog would be updated more regularly!

In the last couple weeks we've extended our won-loss record to 20-2, are averaging just under 90 points a game, and have been ranked #1 in the Pacific Northwest in every single poll since early December. All six of our sophomores are generating interest from four year schools and we've sent out a few dozen tapes already. I know there are a lot of coaches at this level who don't feel that it is their responsibility to help their players move on, but Linda and I consider it not only our responsibility but our top priority. . . .probably one of the big reasons why we have so many of our players get scholarships to four year school!

Miranda Holenstein and Mykiea Russell have been spending a lot of extra time working with "The Gun" lately and as a result have increased their range and are shooting very well. We're very fortunate that the UCC gym is available every morning for our players to get some extra work and even more fortunate that we have several players who want to take advantage of that time. The better we get individually the better we'll be as a team!

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Hoopalonious, aka Sue F said...

Nice to see you posting again, Dave. I had a feeling you were busy - boy, the season can be a beast on a schedule.

Kudos to you on making your player's future your top priority, and I agree that many coaches don't do that, which is messed up.

I've been following you via the online broadcasts and the News Review, and I'm so impressed with what you all have been doing. Keep up the good work!

No surprise that Mykie's been putting in extra time. The girl is determined.

Good luck tomorrow! I wish I could hear you online, but I'll be thinking of you all.