"Wendy" Takai

Generally speaking we're all tired this time of year. So much so that players and coaches alike seemingly drag themselves out of bed, throw on some sweats (hopefully they are semi clean but not always a pre-requisite) and head to school. Fashion and appearance are rarely huge priorities! So when Titi Takai took the time to fix her hair and showed up to school in pigtails we all took notice and couldn't help but clown on her a little bit. My first thought was she looked like Pippi Longstocking and Mykie started calling her Pocohontas. But the funniest response came from Cassandra, who is always hungry and so immediately nicknamed her Wendy after the hamburger icon. Knowing Cassandra like we do, we're all convinced that every time she looked at Titi throughout the rest of practice, she started craving a Triple Bacononator with Biggie Fries and a Frosty!

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