Tournament Champs & Cassie Drops 50!!

What a difference a week makes! We played with much more poise than we did opening weekend and ran our season record to 5-1 after beating Blue Mountain and Southwestern Oregon in the first two rounds of the Clackamas Thanksgiving Tournament and then Clackamas for the championship. The Clackamas score was 99-90 which has been typical of UCC-Clackamas games the last few years. I know both teams spend a lot of time working on defense but it just seems to go right out the window when the two teams play each other.

A couple of things definitely stood out this weekend. First of all, Cassie Scheffelmaier scored 50 points and grabbed 21 rebounds in the championship game.Unbelievable!! Use the link on the right to go to our team's web page and read more about it. That's definitely a once in a lifetime experience and I just feel lucky that I was part of it! 60 years from now Cassie's going to be telling her great grand children about the game and for a brief moment will think again about UCC, her teammates, coaches, etc. (Of course, by then she'll be 80 years old and probably won't remember any of our names!!)

The other thing that impressed me was the number of family members that we had at the tournament which was played in Oregon City, about three hours away from UCC. We have 10 players on our team from five different states and all but one had family there for at least part of the time! That's almost as rare as a player scoring 50 points!! We took a head count when we got to the restaurant after the championship and there were 32 of us! And that's not counting Cassie's family who went back to Idaho right after the game instead of eating with us. We really are a big family here - a little dysfunctional at times - but a big family nevertheless.

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