Alumni Game & Dinner

Other than playing for a championship the Alumni game is the most fun game of the year! We've had some pretty good teams over the years and so our alumni are pretty good and even though don't play everyday they are still as competitive as ever. Fortunately for our won-loss record, the alumni just aren't in as good as shape as our current players. Last night the scored was tied at 50 with about 15:00 to go in the game before conditioning became a factor and our current team started to pull away. It was hard resisting the urge to coach both teams. At one point, alum Katie Stephens, who drove up from Chico, CA to play in the game, had the ball on the wing in front of our bench and was being pressured while trying to find someone open. I watched the official counting out five seconds and instinctivily told Katie to "take a dribble" so the count would start over. It was fun to watch Micaela (Williams) Leinonen switch players so she could "D-up" Kristi Fallin after Kristi hit her eighth 3 of the game. (Micalea holds the UCC record of 10 3's in a game) And I couldn't help but smile after Mykiea Russell stripped Krissy Scoggin (2000 NWAACC Champion, 4th all time scorer at UCC, and mother of 3) and layed the ball in and then the two of them high fived on the way back down the court.

After the game most of us went out to eat (picture above), told war stories and took turns holding Becci (Randall) Beneau's baby daughter. My daughter Taylor asked for a dollar to play in the arcade and as soon as I opened my wallet Cassie Scheffelmaier and Kristi asked if they too could have dollars to play in the arcade. Titi Takai and Kirsten Strawn teamed up to set the arcade basketball shooting record while the cheers from teammates, alumni, and kids drowned out most casual conversations. It was a great time and ended way too soon for me.

After everyone else left, Craig Scoggin, Tim Randall and I stood around and talked about the impact that UCC basketball has had on their families and the community in general. Eventually we all left and as I drove home I thought back on the entire night and kept thinking to myself "That's why I coach."


Hoopalonious, aka Sue F said...

Your description of your game made me smile. It would be hard not to coach all of your girls even if they were on "the other team."

And I know exactly what you mean about "this is why I coach." Those moments are why coaching and teaching is the best profession in the world. I had one last night myself.

Jasmine's mom and I threw her a surprise birthday party. I have known this girl since she was 15 and acting stupid. Now she's 19 and is a pleasure to interact with, on all levels. And I go to her juco games.

You become part of their families sometimes. I don't think it gets any better than that.

Have a good week.

Jules said...

Wish I could have been there Dave...

We had a close game that night...down all game, by as much as 10. Our press took over in the 4th quarter, took over the game, and won by 5...good win for the team, as you know all about :)

I've got a couple of your games already scheduled into my calendar for when you guys come up to Portland...good luck and see you soon!