There's Got to be Somebody Else!!!

I wish I could find a very logical reason as to why we didn't play well at the NWAACC Championships but so far I'm drawing a huge blank. I wish I could say that learning some big life lesson through the whole experience makes everything worthwhile, but in all honesty I can't. Losing sucks plain and simple. Something tells me that between now and next November I'm going to catch myself thinking about this past weekend a lot. It's not that I enjoy being constantly miserable, but if I can pinpoint the problem then maybe I can help prevent it from happening again.

Late Saturday night and into early Sunday morning Linda and I sat in the hotel and talked about some of the things that we needed to work on in order to help our team get better. We talked for a long, long, time without either of us wanting to admit that we knew the season was really over. It didn't feel right then; it didn't feel right during the trip back to Roseburg; and it doesn't feel right now. It seems like there's got to be somebody else we can play.

Cassie Scheffelmaier came by the office this morning and Jacque Anderson is here now, using the office whiteboard to make an outline for an English paper she is writing. Other than those two, I haven't seen or talked to anyone else on our team today. It's been a strange and lonely day! For the past five months Mondays have been reserved not only for for the hardest workouts of of the week in the gym but also for weight lifting and "Monday meetings." Today, the office, gym, and weight room were all ghost towns. It just doesn't feel right. There's got to be somebody else we can play!!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on making it as far as you did. You had a terrific season. Keep up the hard work.