Tournament Banquet

The NWAACC held a banquet tonight for all the teams that wil be playing in the championship tournament - 16 women's teams and 16 men's teams - plus coaches, sponsors, athletic directors, VIP's, etc. It was held in a huge banquet room adjacent to the Toyota Center and the room was packed. It was fun to see all the athletes dressed up and even more fun watching the dressed up athletes checking out the other dressed up athletes!! I might be a little biased but I thought our girls were the best looking team at the banquet!!! As a coach I sometimes forget (or at least try to) that these girls have lives outside of basketball. Seeing them all in dresses and wearing makeup made them seem so much older and they all carried themselves with great confidance. Each one of the girls represented themselves and UCC very well. Their parents would have been proud of them tonight!!

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