UCC Campus Community Comes Up Huge

Two weeks ago I sent out a mass email to the entire UCC campus community volunteering to pick up any and all household items that would otherwise be discarded or possibly donated to charity. With every one of our new players coming from out of the area, including 10 players coming from out of state, I was confidant that I could find a good home for nearly everything. The response has been nothing short of amazing! Mattresses, couches, silverware, glasses, lamps, etc. etc. have all been offered, accepted and picked up and will all be put to great use by some extremely appreciative student-athletes.

In return our team has offered to "pay" for the donations by doing yardwork, babysitting, housework and other chores that will not only show our appreciation but will undoubtedly help us all bond as well. In a age where way too many young people have been spoiled their whole lives and have had everything handed to them, I think it's great that our players are not only willing but anxious to work for everything they receive!

Donations are still coming in, but once everything is picked up and distributed, I'll post the names of all those who contributed here in the blog. But until then . . . THANK YOU everybody, you've made a huge difference!!

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