The Best Player to EVER Come out of Onahill, Idaho

is without a doubt UCC sophomore Cassie Scheffelmaier, who after being named 1st Team All NWAACC Southern Region, recently signed a National Letter of Intent and received a full basketball scholarship to Carroll College in Helena, Montana.

At the beginning of the season I was working on our web page rosters when Cassie walked in to the office, saw what I was doing, and quickly informed me that she wasn't really from Kootenai, Idaho like I had listed. Kootenai was the name of the high school but not the town. When I asked her where she lived Cassie told me that the nearest town was Harrison but they received their mail in Cataldo. "Well, where do you live?" I asked again while laughing. "Just out in the country on a hill." Cassie replied. So I hit the delete button and erased Kootenai from the web page roster and typed in "Onahill" instead. (On a hill) Cassie and I both laughed for a while and then forgot all about it.

Until we played in the Clackamas Thanksgiving Tournament and the starting lineups were announced. "At guard, a 5'8' sophomore from Onahill, Idaho. . .Cassie. . . Scheffelmaier!!" I smiled, Cassie chuckled, and her parents, who made the trip over from Idaho laughed out loud. Then Cassie proceeded to turn in arguably the best single game performance in the history of the NWAACC, not to mention Onahill, Idaho, when she scored 50 points and grabbed 21 rebounds!

After that game every announcer declared that Cassie was from Onahill at all home and away games and not a single person ever caught on to our inside joke. However, one of the coaches recruiting Cassie did mention that their whole staff spent nearly an entire day trying to locate Onahill before finally giving up and deciding to ask us where the heck it was!
I think it's safe to say that there will never be another player like Cassie Sceffelmaier from Onahill, Idaho. Who knows? Maybe next year the roster can list her new home town as Hanna, Montana!!

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