Working Vacation

I was really hoping/planning on being in Springfield, MA this week watching my son Jeff and his BYUH teammates play for the NCAA DII National Championship, but when they lost at the buzzer in the Regional Finals, plans quickly changed. We loaded up the Yukon and headed south for a week long working vacation, mixing family time and recruiting, and having a great time at both. Stops in Redding, Los Angeles, Desert Hot Springs, Westminster, and now Fresno have kept us going non stop but it's been both fun and productive. It'd be nice to have another week, or at least a few more days, but school and spring workouts start Monday and I'm looking forward to seeing all the girls again!
While standing at the entrance of the Silver Bullett roller coaster at Knott's BerryFarm a lady approached Linda and asked if we were the Umpqua women's basketball coaches. Evidently, she and her family live in a small town outside of Roseburg and have been watching our games for years. I guess it really is a small world after all. (No wait, that's at Disneyland, not Knott's Berry Farm!)

UCC almnae Aubrey (Dickson) Dobrkovsky, one of the program's all time leading scorer and a former Kodak All American sent us a text telling us that she and her husband BJ are expecting their first child next October. Of course I reminded her that David is a great name in case it's boy. If it's a girl I may have a letter of intent sent directly to the hospital. . . .BJ played in college and is now a very successful high school basketball coach and Aubrey was one of the best in the country. . . genes like theirs could help a coach win a few games!!

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