New Floor Almost Finished

Stuck my head in the gym today to check on the progress of the floor refinishing. The crew was just getting ready to put on the first coat of sealant. The second coat will go on tomorrow and then everything will need to cure for several days before anyone can get back in there. Kristi Fallin has already told me that she plans on getting in there as soon as the doors open so she can make the very first 3 on the new floor.

The entire floor looks completely different than it has for at least the last fifteen years. The color is a much darker green than it was before; the new men's three point line is in; the logo at center court has be replaced with a much larger, more colorful one; and the word "Riverhawks" is scripted along each baseline. The red volleyball lines are now a much less noticeable beige and Umpqua Community College now runs on each side of the floor.

I'll try and get a couple pictures taken as soon as the floor isn't so sticky and will post them here.

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