Sprints & Bellyflops!

Roseburg's been in the midst of a heat wave this past week which has made spring conditioning workouts even more challenging than usual. As a change of pace and to get out of the heat at the same time, Linda put the girls through a pool workout last Thursday that was anything but easy. But as they have done over and over and over again this past year, the girls found ways to have fun and work hard at the same time. By the time they were done, everyone was tired, sore and sunburned but Marji Maxfield and Kristi Fallin still had enough energy for several rounds of a belly flop contest!!
I've been thinking lately about some of the great things that I have learned through playing and coaching basketball over the years and how they apply to my "off the court" life as well. So over the next several weeks I think I'm going to write about some of those things under the heading of "Most Everything I've Ever Learned I've Learned Through Basketball" or something similar. If any of you have some good ideas or stories of things you have learned through basketball, let me know and I'll work it into the blog.

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