I need to update UCC's "News from the Nest" and so here is last month's Dave's Diary entry:

New team. New challenges. New year. Same goals.

When I first started coaching I sat down and made a list of goals to use as a guide as I started my career. I thought that if I could accomplish these goals, then the wins and other successes would take care of themselves. It’s extremely reassuring to know that several years (and several championships) later, my list of goals is basically still the same now as it was then: I want to get ourselves in a position where we can compete for the Championship. I want to help our players be better college players than they were high school players. I want to help find scholarships for our players who want to move on to four year universities. (Close to 100 so far.) I want to treat and support our players the same way I want my kids’ coaches to treat and support them. I want our players to know that no matter how hard they work and no matter how much time they put in, they won’t work as hard or put in as much time as I do. I want to find talented, hard working, student athletes with a desire to win a lot of games, and then adopt those athletes into our basketball family. I want to make a difference.

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fdscheff said...

My daughter plays for you Dave, she has improved quite a bit playing for you. She loves her teammates, has never had so much fun playing bball, and wants this championship "BAD". She does admit that the practices are a killer but can also see the marked improvement in herself, and she says that she always "finds my second wind to keep going hard", and doesn't like to disappoint you. So for all of this I thank you and for the caring you have for the girls. I know that my daughter is in good hands. Keep up the great work and see you in Kennewick!