Umpqua 87 Linn Benton 79

If only her high school coach could see her now! When sophomore Marissa Towry was in high school, her coach was very adamant about her not shooting the ball any where outside of the key. If the same rules applied now, there's a good chance we would have lost the game last night!

Marissa opened the game by scoring our first eight points, including two threes. She made her third one to start the second half and then hit a HUGE fourth one with a minute and a half left to pretty much seal the win. Those threes might have surprised some people, but they certainly didn't surprise us. Marissa has worked on increasing her range since the day the season ended last year and has already had several games where she's hit multiple threes, including a Thanksgiving tournament game where she made five in one game.

Marissa finished the game with 17 points but others scored big as well. Kristi Fallin had 22, Deanna Tupai had 21, and Miranda Holenstein had 19.

UCC alumni and NWAACC Champion Katie Tipton, who lives in Corvallis, came to the game and visited with all of us afterwards. Katie graduated from UCC 10 years ago but comes to see us play every chance she gets and I really appreciate all the support she gives us.

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