Umpqua 70 Clackamas 59

The first time we played Clackamas back over Thanksgiving weekend, the pace of the game was like a track meet and we outscored them 107-74. Compared to that game, last night's battle was more like a slow walk.

Fortunately, one of the strengths of our team is that we have the personnel to play at different speeds. Sometimes when you score as many points as we have at times, it's easy to get frustrated when the scoreboard's not lit up like a pinball machine, but playing a little slower really gives us the chance to jam the ball inside, which has been the first option on our offense for years.

Kristi Fallin had a season high 17 rebounds and Miranda Holenstein broke out of a mini slump with 13 points and 9 rebounds.

Cassie Scheffelmaier had another big night with 19 points (on 9-12 shooting) and 9 rebounds and also a great quote in today's News Review. “That’s the good thing about our team,” Scheffelmaier said. “We’re so deep, and people will step up when they need to. And we’re so unselfish that it doesn’t matter who scores the most. We all just want to win.” To read Jon Mitchell's entire News Review article clink on the following link:

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